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Insaniam United Kingdom 
3th Floor, 86-90 Paul Street
London EC2A 4NE
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INSIGHT & STRATEGY #lean #digital #innovation #creativity #freedom #humanity #lean #digital #innovation

#creativity #freedom #humanity


Insight & Strategy

Develop a highly effective, high-impact strategy to reach your goals.

Design & Video

Build up a more creative, innovative image for your business. Make it unique – make it instantly recognisable!

Digital & Inbound

Stay close to your customers with the latest generation of marketing tools.


How about if the next project is yours?


Thanks to Insaniam's support in terms of creation and strategy consulting, 'Colivia Traduction' has started with a real confidence. A big thanks to the whole team and especially to Alexandre Amigouët who has always been attentive, present and concerned even with the smallest details.

Fahmi Rekik

With Insaniam, the result is not correct, it is excellent. Simply because they go beyond your expectation! Serious, ideas providers, competent and very professional.

Olivier Clerc 

An impeccable offer for SMEs and a perfect service, they can boost your business and see more clearly on many things. I highly recommend them to all SMEs who want a real support!

Aymen Triki

Absolutely amazing service I had from you guys. A very professional and creative team. Greetings from Manchester.

Mohamed Anis
Alexandre Amigouët
Chairman & Founder
Sophie de Gérard du Barry
Célina Barc
Strategy Consultant
Maëlla Bardou
Strategy Consultant
François Galiana
Strategy Consultant

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