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Insaniam United Kingdom 
3th Floor, 86-90 Paul Street
London EC2A 4NE
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Creative & Design

Because the form informs the essence, design is at the heart of our concerns for our customers.

Visual identity

Existing through a creative image is essential to differentiate onself and capture the spirit of one’s ecosystem. We creatively enhance your projects and company’s image to turn them into reality.


Use the most suitable channels to reach your targets through visuals. There are countless possibilities, whether it be in print, display or in the digital sphere.

Web design

The experience of people visiting a website isn’t anodyne. We create customized pathways for your websites to reassure your customers. They must ‘feel’ your graphic world!

We create a unique design for unique customers!

Be Remarkable!

Our team develops a graphic Charter together with you – a charter that translates the values of your company and its world. This is an essential part of your communication, at the centre of which there is the logo. The main goal of a graphic charter is to display your visual identity to your clients, suppliers, partners in a coherent way. You must be recognized and recognizable among your competitors thanks to a powerful brand image that can be found on all your platforms.