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Insaniam United Kingdom 
3th Floor, 86-90 Paul Street
London EC2A 4NE
+44 (0)7447 386830


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We are Insaniam.
Insane I Am.

Insaniam is a team of 'insane people' with a common motivation: we are mad about finding solutions that put the human element and freedom at the heart of all our actions.

We are Agile

Experts in the lean method, we eliminate the superfluous to keep but the essential: the human element.

We are Innovative

Each project is handled from scratch, underpinned by technical expertise and collective experience.

We are Digital

As a ‘connected’ generation, our mission is to give you the key to understanding this new virtual world.

We are Free

Digital tools only make sense if they enable people to flourish freely without becoming dependent upon them. This is a rule that we apply as a team, with our ecosystem, and with our customers.

We are Creative

Utopian and idealistic, our team of slashers is eager to be by your side to build your future projects. When it comes to creativity, our motto is ‘the sky’s the limit’ (but we do know, sometimes 😉 how to be pragmatic…).

We are Ermine

Our roots are in Brittany, but our branches extend to France as well as Great Britain (and beyond!). Our team of ermines is virtual and can work anywhere – that’s the magic of the Internet.
Alexandre Amigouët
Chairman & Founder
Sophie de Gérard du Barry
Célina Barc
Strategy Consultant
Maëlla Bardou
Strategy Consultant
François Galiana
Strategy Consultant
Gabrielle Durand
Executive Assistant
Laura Leherpeur
Strategy Consultant
Linsay Colombe
Strategy Consultant
Elodie Gaudin
Strategy Consultant
David Leclair
Strategy Consultant